Field Equipment

Each field crew is equipped with a 4x4 truck, standard survey tools, and the required safety equipment including flashing amber lights.  ATV's and snowmobiles are used as needed.  In addition we utilize the following specialized equipment:

  1. Leica Nova MS50 with integrated 3D scanning
  2. Leica TPS1200 and Viva Series Total Stations with both standard and robotic configurations
  3. Leica Viva Series GPS equipment for both static and RTK applications
  4. Reference GPS Base Station permanently attached to our office building for rover applications within a 30 km radius (ASCM 338459)
  5. Metrotech/Fuji buried facility locating equipment
  6. Leica DNA03 Precise Digital Level

Office Systems

Computing technology and the internet have a major role in the services we provide.  The security and integrity of our files are very important to us and we utilize the latest in server and internet protection software and hardware.  We have our own in-house server and schedule regular updates by our IT provider.  The latest versions of several ‘AutoCAD’ and ‘MicroSurvey’ applications are used to prepare the final survey reports and plans that our clients require.


Taking survey measurements