Snell & Oslund Surveys  is a survey and geomatics engineering firm that originated in 1930 by Charles H. Snell, A.L.S., D.L.S., P. Eng.  Mr. Snell operated as a single proprietorship until 1959 when he was joined by Gillis Oslund, A.L.S., P. Eng. forming a partnership which carried on business in Alberta for 10 years.  In 1969 the firm of Snell & Oslund Surveys Ltd. was incorporated and Charles Snell retired as an active member.  In 1979 Snell & Oslund Surveys was re-organized under the name of Snell & Oslund Surveys (1979) Ltd.


The Charlie Snell memorial monument in downtown Red Deer

The Charlie Snell Memorial Monument in downtown Red Deer