Taking survey measurementsLocation

  1. All of our work is based out of our office in Red Deer, Alberta
  2. The majority of the field work that we do is within a one hour drive from our office, which means the field staff are usually home each night
  3. All office staff work at our office premises in Red Deer

Hours of work

  1. Standard work week is Monday to Friday
  2. Standard work day is 8 hours
  3. Overtime applies for any hours over an 8 hour day


  1. We have a comprehensive health plan that includes medical, dental, eye care, long and short term disability and life insurance coverage
  2. All employees are eligible to participate in a profit sharing/employee bonus incentive plan
  3. There is opportunity for all staff to participate in a shared pension plan contribution program


Employees who wish to pursue further education may be eligible for funding.


We are not hiring for any positions at this time.